Review our variety of CAMS-based suicide prevention training courses, including CEs for Counselors (NBCC), Psychologists (APA), and Social Workers (NASW). Clinicians will be trained in the CAMS Framework® that includes conducting a CAMS Assessment® and creating a CAMS Treatment® plan.

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This training experience combines didactic presentations by Dr. Jobes as he introduces an unscripted clinical demonstration of the use of CAMS with a patient through the course of 12 sessions of the CAMS Framework.

$36 - $135

Purchase and read Managing Suicidal Risk: A Collaborative Approach, 2nd Ed, the sourcebook for information about the theory, philosophy, and practice underlying the use of CAMS with suicidal patients, and you can earn 6 CE Credits.

$35 - $84

This online video training experience addresses malpractice liability when working with suicidal patients and illustrates how the use of the CAMS Framework and Suicide Status Form (SSF) can significantly decrease this liability.

$12 - $49

This online video training experience shares tips and strategies, using the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) Framework, for effectively reducing suicide risk with complex cases.

$12 - $49

This online video training experience reviews the current research on treating suicide risk with adolescents, describes how the CAMS Framework can be effectively adapted, and shares strategies to effectively reduce suicide risk with teenagers.

$12 - $49

Online Role-Play Training is designed to enhance knowledge regarding the philosophy and theory of the CAMS Framework while providing an opportunity to practice using the CAMS Framework with other individuals. 7 CE credits available.

$200 - $245

CAMS remote or in-person Practical Role-Play Training for groups is designed to enhance knowledge regarding the philosophy and theory of the CAMS Framework while providing an opportunity for practice in using the CAMS Framework.

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CAMS Consultation Calls are a resource for individuals and organizations who are implementing CAMS with patients to discuss cases and best practices with experienced CAMS Consultants.

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This remote or on-site program provides an overview of data and theories regarding suicide rates, information about the field of suicidology and suicide prevention.

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CAMS-4Teens builds on a clinician’s knowledge of CAMS and addresses best practices for using the CAMS Framework® and the Suicide Status Form with a teenage patient along with the complexities of working with parents and schools. 4 CE credits available.

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