Consultation Calls are hour-long phone meetings for clinicians who are using CAMS, ideally having read the CAMS Book or viewed the Online Foundational Video Course and attended a CAMS Practical Role-Play Training.

For organizations, we provide a flexible call schedule for just your organization, giving you more control over the subject matter discussed and the dates and times the calls are held. Calls are $250 for one hour, regardless of group size

Our expert trainers answer questions that arise for clinicians as they begin using CAMS with their clients ranging from:

  • identifying when to initiate CAMS
  • how to maintain pace through the initial and subsequent sessions
  • creating an effective CAMS Stabilization Plan
  • identifying drivers of suicide and a meaningful drivers-based conceptualization
  • introducing the CAMS Therapeutic Worksheet
  • maintaining a suicide -specific treatment focus; and
  • thoughtful CAMS resolution

Case presentations are encouraged as an additional method to increase clinician’s knowledge base.