We offer our Practical Role-Play Training Day for groups remotely through Zoom, using the Zoom Room capability for splitting people into role-play teams, or in-person.  Role-Play Training is designed to enhance knowledge regarding the philosophy and theory of the CAMS Framework® while providing an opportunity for practice in using the CAMS Framework. Our expert CAMS-care consultant-trainers will demonstrate the use of CAMS in a live unscripted role-play online video (Zoom) or onsite training which is based on actual patient experiences. Demonstrations will include the CAMS Assessment® of a patient and development of the CAMS Treatment®. Following each demonstration, participants, who pair off, will practice what has just been demonstrated by the consultant-trainers. While participants are role-playing, our trainers “float” from dyad to dyad, supporting their efforts to use CAMS, answering questions, and making helpful suggestions. 7 CE credit hours are available for $45 per person.