CAMS Authorized Trainers

CAMS-care is the only authorized source for adherent training in the CAMS Framework®

All Authorized CAMS Trainers have been approved by CAMS-care so that you or your organization will receive a gold standard training experience. A CAMS Trainer is required to demonstrate deep subject matter expertise and maintain certification as a Trainer with CAMS-care every two years. All of our Trainers have impressive credentials and have been using the CAMS Framework for many years to treat people with serious suicidal thoughts.  CAMS Trainers remain current with the latest developments in CAMS research.

CAMS Trainers are listed by country. If there is not a Trainer in your country, we will be happy to provide training from another location or work with you to establish a training hub in your country. For any questions, please contact


Amy Brausch, Ph.D.

Natalie Burns, LCSW

Kevin Crowley, Ph.D.

Jennifer Crumlish, Ph.D.

John Drozd, Ph.D. ABMP

Keith Jennings, Ph.D.

Kurt D. Michael, Ph.D.

Melinda Moore, Ph.D.

Brad Singer, LCSW

Raymond P. Tucker, Ph.D.

CAMS-care Europe

Eoin Galavan, Ph.D.

CAMS-care Israel

CAMS-care Netherlands

Remco (R.F.P.) de Winter, MD PhD


Remco (R.F.P.) de Winter, MD PhD is a psychiatrist and chairman of the medical directorate of mental health institution Rivierduinen. He is a senior researcher at the Free University (VU, Amsterdam), Faculty of Clinical Psychology and the Parnassia academy. He is a lecturer at the RINO Amsterdam.

His scientific work mainly concerns suicide prevention in mental health and the sub-differentiation of suicidality (see

He is involved in national strategies for suicide prevention (guidelines, board member SUPRANET, etc.) and the development of treatment innovation. He has, in collaboration with Marieke de Groot PhD, introduced and translated CAMS for the Netherlands.

Until 2020, he was the Dutch national representative for the International Association for Suicide Prevention for the maximum term of 8 years.

CAMS-care UK

Zaffer Iqbal, Ph.D., DClinPsy, AFBPsS