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In 2019, the CAMS-care team will be involved in a range of events across the U.S. and Internationally.



As developed by Dr. David Jobes, a “stepped care” approach to suicide prevention is evidence-based, least-restrictive, and cost-effective. In this article, written by Dr. Jobes, learn how a systems-level approach using evidence-based care, such as CAMS can make a major difference in clinical suicide prevention.


A group in Oslo, Norway recently studied managing suicidality within specialized care, including patients from two crisis centers, three inpatient units and two regular inpatient units. The study found that “CAMS improved treatment outcome on suicide ideation and mental health distress more rapidly and in a sustained manner when compared to treatment as usual.” This study is currently in press at the Journal of Affective Disorders.

NAViGO National Mental Health Conference
27 – 28 March 2019
Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, UK

On March 28, day two of the NAViGO National Mental Health Conference, Dr. Jobes will be hosting an overview of the trial evidence for Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality (CAMS).

The conference is free but has limited places. This is a not to be missed event not only for clinicians but commissioners and policy makers at local and national level.

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Dr. Jobes recently participated in a webinar with United Survivors International which is an independent international grass roots organization that serves as a home for people who have experienced suicide loss, suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts and feelings, and their friends and families — collectively known as people with Lived Experience with suicide – to leverage their expertise for large scale change. Dr. Jobes has known the founders for many years and they ask various experts to participate in webinars like this one. This one has reportedly been very successful with thousands of participants when it was aired on Facebook.

THE CAMS-CARE TEam was happy to be Part of ANOTHER Great American association of Suicidology (AAS) ANNUAL Conference in Washington, D.C. THis PAST April

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our daily drawing for access to the CAMS Online Course:


The CAMS-care Student Scholarship was first announced at the 50th Annual Conference of the American Association of Suicidology by CAMS-care Co-Owners Dr. David Jobes and Ms. Colleen Kelly. The CAMS-care student scholarship is meant to support deserving matriculated students who are interested in attending the AAS Annual Conference.

Winner! 2018 CAMS-care Student Scholarship to AAS

Jaylene Lee is a third-year doctoral student at Florida State University. She works with high-risk clients suffering from a range of mental health concerns including suicidal ideation. The AAS Conference will allow her to continue her personal dedication to decreasing suicide by keeping up to date on evidence-based treatments for individuals with severe suicide risk.




There are various books on clinical suicidology that describe Dr. Jobes’ approach to assessing and treating suicidal risk with both adult and adolescent suicidal patients. Learn More


There are various videos on clinical suicidology that describe Dr. Jobes’ approach to assessing and treating suicidal risk with both adult and adolescent suicidal patients. Learn More