Introducing CAMS Trained ™ & CAMS Certified™

The Official Designations earned by clinicians who are competent in the CAMS Framework®

Our mission is to save lives through effective care by training clinicians to treat suicidal patients. To help accomplish this, we’ve developed CAMS Trained and CAMS Certified designations, which licensed clinicians can achieve through completing training and gaining hands-on experience in the CAMS Framework.

In order to become officially CAMS Trained or CAMS Certified, you must complete a specific set of Training Elements. On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start your CAMS training or certification, and together, we can reduce the rate of suicide across the world!

The Benefits of CAMS Training

Other benefits of CAMS Trained designation include:

  • CAMS is easy to learn and quick to implement
  • Treats the largest population of suicidal ideators
  • Cost-effective in a system of care
  • Provides enhanced clinical documentation that reduces the risk of malpractice
  • Builds confidence for treating suicidal patients

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How to Become CAMS Certified

CAMS Certified is an advanced designation for clinicians who want to demonstrate their competency with the CAMS Framework®. In order to qualify for CAMS Certification You must first become CAMS Trained (see above). All elements of CAMS Trained apply when becoming CAMS Certified.

The Benefits of CAMS Certification

  • Use your CAMS Certified status to have your clinic designated as a CAMS Approved Clinic
  • Provide consulting to other CAMS trained clinicians in your organization
  • Host book clubs and meetings to discuss the CAMS Framework internally
  • Build even more confidence and competence when working with people with serious thoughts of suicide with advanced CAMS Certification

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CAMS Training Elements Overview

The following table provides a detailed overview of the specific tasks required for the CAMS Trained and CAMS Certified elements. If you are logged into your account, this table will update to show details of your status for each Training Element.

If you are interested in becoming CAMS Trained, we encourage you to start by taking our Online Foundational Video Course.

Icon Check Required Required
Icon Unchecked Not Required

Learn & Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Online Foundational Video Course

Complete the 3 hour online video course of Dr. Jobes working with a patient and completing the Suicide Status Form

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Icon Check
Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Earn 3 CE credits for the Foundational Video Course of CAMS or complete the free Test Your Knowledge in CAMS test successfully.

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Icon Check

Gain Hands-on Experience in CAMS

Role Play Training

Earn 7 hours of training in CAMS and the Suicide Status Form with role play trainings supervised by a CAMS expert. This also requires completing an online survey.

Icon Check
Icon Check
Consultation Calls

Attend and participate on 4 one hour consultation calls to ask questions and discuss cases when using CAMS with patients.

Icon Check
Icon Check

Professional Information

Licensing Documentation

Provide your current license.

Icon Check
Icon Check
Clinician Locator Consent

Opt in or opt out of our public clinician locator.

Icon Check
Icon Check
Suicide Specific Professional Experience

Provide information regarding your professional experience with treating suicidality.

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Icon Check

More requirements for certification

Reaffirm & Deepen Your Knowledge in CAMS

Read the Book

Read Managing Suicidal Risk; a Collaborative Approach, 3rd Edition by Dr. David Jobes and certify to having done so.

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Icon Check
Book CEs

Earn 6 CE credit hours for reading the book and passing the online test.

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Icon Check
CAMS Framework Review

A review of your knowledge and competency in the CAMS Framework®. You will be asked to role play both an initial session and an abbreviated interim session with a CAMS Consultant playing a scripted client.

Icon Unchecked
Icon Check

Stay Up to Date

Annual CAMS Foundation Refresher
Icon Unchecked
Icon Check

Training & Learning Methods

In order to learn and gain experience with the CAMS Framework®, we have developed a number of training courses and learning activities that clinicians can use to enhance their knowledge. All training experiences are now available through our website, including remote online learning. Clinicians can also use these experiences to gain valuable CEs from professional organizations such as APA, NASW, and NBCC.

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How long does it take to get CAMS Trained?

Becoming CAMS TRAINED takes just 10 hours of coursework, all available online, and 4 hours of calls working with patients.

How long does it take to become CAMS Certified?

CAMS TRAINED designation is required as part of CAMS CERTIFIED, then there are two additional elements. First, complete the Book CEs for Managing Suicidal Risk, 3rd Edition, a Collaborative Approach, which provides 6 CE hours.

Second, review your knowledge and competency in the CAMS Framework by role playing both an initial session and an abbreviated interim session in which a CAMS Consultant plays a client. The Review lasts up to 2 hours.

How much does it cost to become CAMS Trained?

CAMS Trained costs $394, which includes the CAMS Foundational Video Course, Online Role-Play Training, and (4) CAMS Consultation Calls and the CAMS Book.

You can also receive 10 CE credits for an additional cost.

How much does CAMS Certified Cost?

The CAMS CERTIFIED Review costs $400 and the book CEs cost $49.

How long does your CAMS CERTIFIED status last?

You will be asked to recertify every 5 years by going through another Review.