Becoming CAMS Trained™

The only authorized source for adherent training in the CAMS Framework®


You have the opportunity to become CAMS Trained in an evidence-based suicide treatment protocol that has been proven effective in multiple randomized controlled trials to reduce suicidal ideation and increase hope in as few as 6 sessions.

Developed by Dr. Jobes over decades of clinical trial research, there is very little that compares to CAMS in terms of its robust evidence-base, its flexibility, and the relative ease of learning to use it with fidelity.

The CAMS training model provides a spectrum of experiences that optimizes the learner’s understanding of how to use CAMS adherently within clinical practice across different treatment settings and clinical populations. Implementation and dissemination science has clearly shown that an integrative approach to training that uses several modalities for learning improves clinicians’ learning and adaptation of new skills. Our integrative training model enables most clinicians to become adherent to this evidence-based approach with their first CAMS patient and clinicians frequently report our training model provides them with the confidence and clarity to use CAMS effectively with patients.

The CAMS Framework has multiple benefits

  • It’s easy to learn and quick to implement
  • Treats the largest population of suicidal ideators
  • Affordable training
  • Cost-effective in a system of care
  • Enhanced clinical documentation that reduces the risk of malpractice
  • Clinicians and patients like CAMS
  • Builds clinician confidence when treating suicidal patients


Becoming CAMS TRAINED takes just 10 hours of course work, all available online, and 4 hours of calls when working with patients.  It involves completing 4 elements:

1. CAMS Foundational Video Course

The training combines didactic presentations by Dr. Jobes as he introduces an unscripted clinical demonstration of the use of CAMS with a patient through the course of 12 sessions of the CAMS Framework. Pass the free test or purchase 3 credits for an additional $36.

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2. CAMS Book

The third and final edition of the CAMS Book, Managing Suicidal Risk, a Collaborative Approach, is a helpful reference manual for clinicians as they use CAMS with patients. 6 CE credits are available through the APA & NBCC for $42.

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3. Online Role-Play Training Day

Designed to enhance knowledge of the CAMS Framework while providing an opportunity to practice completing the Suicide Status Form with other mental health professionals learning the model. 7 CE credits are available for $45.

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4. CAMS Consultation Calls

Attend 4 Consultation Calls after you are using CAMS with patients. The calls give you a forum to discuss cases, best practices and have your questions answered by an experienced CAMS Consultant. $15 per one hour call for individuals.

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TOTAL: (16 Optional CE Credits)


Are You Interested in Training Your Organization?

Connect with a CAMS-care Consultant to create a custom training program for your organization’s unique needs. Reach out today.


After you become CAMS TRAINED, we encourage you to include your contact information in the CAMS-care Clinician Locator. The Clinician Locator routes new clients to your practice, particularly those looking for competent clinicians, trained in evidence-based suicide-specific treatments. This tool will become even more critical as states continue to pass laws requiring mental health professionals to have this type of credential, and an increasing number of people seek out this level of expertise from their mental health providers.

Suicide Prevention: Therapists Rarely Trained in Preventing Suicide

Two recently published articles explore the challenges of training mental health professionals in preventing suicide. CAMS is one of only a few evidence and outcome-based treatments.