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CAMS-care consultants have a range of experiences from private practice work, to counseling center settings, to inpatient care, community mental health, VA/Department of Defense—we are usually able to match a consultant’s experience to the provider for an optimal consultation experience. It is important to note the clinical consultation should help decrease any perception of negligence and decrease the risk of malpractice liability if the provider documents well the consultation experience in support of the work they are doing with a difficult case.

For more information about consultation options for clinicians, please complete our Inquiry Form.


Inquiry Form

CAMS-care is designed to support providers who work with suicidal patients and does not provide direct clinical services. If you are located in the UK and need crisis assistance, contact your local NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Services as we are unable to assist you.


I am using CAMS with my patient but would like to consult with someone at CAMS-care, is that possible?

Yes, we have highly trained and experienced CAMS-care consultants who can consult by phone or Skype on your case for a single session or alternatively could coach you through a full course of CAMS guided are in multiple sessions. Please complete the Inquiry Form on our website and request information about individual consultation for clinicians.

Do you offer certification in CAMS for clinicians who participate in clinical consultation calls?

At some point in the future we may offer certification in the use of CAMS, however, we do not offer certification in CAMS at this time. We are currently focused on research on the use of CAMS with a range of patient populations in a range of treament settings and developing training modules to reflect the support for the use of CAMS with these patients and settings. As our evidence base grows for use of CAMS we anticipate shifting our focus to developing a progm to provide certification in CAMS.

Do you offer CEUs for consultation calls?

Currently we do not offer CEUs for consultation calls, but hope to arrange for some credit in the future.

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