Telehealth and Telepsychology

CAMS-care Resources on Telehealth and Telepsychology

Learn more about suicide risk prevention and treatment by telehealth and telepsychology. Review our ongoing series of articles and resources.

Telehealth: A Critical Tool for Treating Suicidal Risk On-Demand Webinar

In this hour-long webinar, Dr. David Jobes, the creator of the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality, discusses the benefits of telehealth using evidenced based treatment.

Treating Suicidal College Students Using Telepsychology On-Demand Webinar

This video presentation hosted by Dr. David Jobes features CAMS-care expert consultant Dr. Melinda Moore. Dr. Moore presents on the telepsychology use of CAMS for treating suicidal college students.

Treating Suicidal Risk Using Telepsychology On-Demand Webinar

Dr. David Jobes responds to the telepsychology use of CAMS and the Suicide Status Form within a virtual modality. Learn how you can continue to treat suicidal patients using telepsychology.