Becoming CAMS Certified™

The only authorized source for adherent training in the CAMS Framework®

CAMS Certified designates those who have gone beyond CAMS Trained to demonstrate a knowledge and adherence to the CAMS Framework®.

There are two additional elements to complete once you are CAMS.

  • Knowledge of the CAMS manual Managing Suicidal Risk, 3rd Edition, a Collaborative Approach. $42     (eligible for 6 CEs).
  • A 2-hour Review of your knowledge and competency in the CAMS Framework involving a one-on-one role play of Session 1 and an abbreviated interim session in which a CAMS Consultant will be playing a scripted client.  $500.

We recommend that you have used CAMS with at least 3 clients before you take the Review. You may find this blog post on 10 Tips for Using CAMS with Adherence and this copy of the CAMS Certified Evaluation useful as you prepare for your CAMS Certified Review.

Please send your Review request or any questions to
You will be asked to re-certify every 5 years by going through another Review. In the intervening years, you will be required to participate in various CAMS training courses as a way to stay current in the CAMS Framework.

There is no discount on the price to retake a Review.


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  • You can use your CAMS Certified status to have your clinic designated as a CAMS Approved Clinic
  • You can provide consulting to other CAMS trained clinicians in your organization although we still encourage arranging Consultation Calls with CAMS Authorized Trainers from time to time
  • You can host book clubs and meetings to discuss the CAMS Framework internally
  • Treating suicidal clients is stressful. A CAMS team supervised by CAMS Certified Clinicians builds confidence and competence when working with people with serious thoughts of suicide

Are You Interested in Becoming CAMS Certified?

Connect with a CAMS-care Specialist to learn more about our CAMS Certified Designation.