CAMS Suicide Prevention Training Book

The only authorized source for adherent CAMS training.

Book CE credits available to Professional Counselors, Psychologists and Social Workers

This extensively revised 2nd edition provides a proven therapeutic framework for evaluating suicidal risk and developing and implementing a suicide-specific treatment plan that is respectful, empathic, and empowering.

In addition to their clinical utility, the procedures and documentation that are used for assessment, treatment, and progress monitoring within CAMS should help reduce the risk of malpractice liability.

In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes all needed reproducible tools for implementing CAMS, including the Suicide Status Form-4. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.

The Source Book for Training in CAMS

  •  Incorporates a decade’s worth of extensive clinical research.
  •  Fully revised with a greater focus on CAMS as a framework for clinical intervention-not just assessment.
  •  In-depth case example followed throughout the book.
  •  Describes innovations to the approach, such as how to target and treat patient-defined “suicidal drivers”.
  •  Additional reproducibles (CAMS Therapeutic Worksheet and CAMS Rating Scale), plus a new version of the Suicide Status Form.


I am planning on taking (or I have taken) the Online video course. Do I really need the book too?

Dr. Jobes’s book is the primary source for detailed information and instruction regarding CAMS. The Online video course provides an excellent introduction and overview to CAMS including demonstrating the use of the Suicide Status Form and treating a patient over multiple sessions. If you only pick one learning tool, we recommend the book.

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