CAMS Suicide Prevention Training Book

The only authorized source for adherent CAMS training.

Book CE credits available to Professional Counselors and Psychologists

The 3rd edition of Managing Suicidal Risk, A Collaborative Approach, is based on the latest research and clinical trials in suicide prevention and treatment.

With seven published randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and 5 ongoing RCTs, the 3rd edition includes an update of the clinical research literature, particularly the ever-increasing CAMS-related studies. It provides further exploration of a “post-suicidal life” and a new optional Living Status Form (LSF) that completely mirrors the first page SSF used in the first session for successful CAMS outcomes. The new Stabilization Support Plan (SSP) can be used with significant others, which complements the patient’s CAMS Stabilization Plan. It also provides insight into the understanding of how to work with teenagers and their parents.

The Source Book for Training in CAMS

  • Updated with over 65% new content
  • Includes all needed reproducible tools for implementing CAMS including the Suicide Status Form
  • The only authorized book about CAMS and a component of training in order to attain adherence in the CAMS model.
  • New Suicide Status Form (SSF-5), optimized for Electronic Health Records and Stabilization Plan
  • 6 CE credit hours coming soon



I am planning on taking (or I have taken) the Online video course. Do I really need the book too?

Dr. Jobes’s book is the primary source for detailed information and instruction regarding CAMS. The Online video course provides an excellent introduction and overview to CAMS including demonstrating the use of the Suicide Status Form and treating a patient over multiple sessions. If you only pick one learning tool, we recommend the book.

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