Adolescent Suicide Prevention On-Demand

Dr. Cheryl King shares her extensive expertise on youth suicide prevention. Highlights of her presentation center on risk factors for youth suicide, screening, and assessment. In addition, Dr. King discusses clinical prevention work including her YST approach.

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Dr. Cheryl King

About Dr. Cheryl King

Cheryl King, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology and Director of the Youth Depression and Suicide Prevention Program at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on the development of evidence-based practices for suicide risk screening, assessment, and intervention. She has provided leadership for multiple NIMH-funded projects, including Emergency Department Screen for Teens at Risk for Suicide, 24-Hour Risk for Suicide Attempts in a National Cohort of Adolescents, the Youth-Nominated Support Team Intervention for Suicidal Adolescents, and Electronic Bridge to Mental Health for College Students. A clinical psychologist, educator, and research mentor, Dr. King has served as Director of Psychology Training and Chief Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry and has twice received the Teacher of the Year Award in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She is the lead author of Teen Suicide Risk: A Practitioner Guide to Screening, Assessment, and Management. In addition, Dr. King has provided testimony in the U.S. Senate on youth suicide prevention and is a Past President of the American Association of Suicidology, the Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers, and the Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. She is a current member of the National Advisory Mental Health Council.

About David A. Jobes Ph.D. ABPP

David A. Jobes Ph.D. ABPP
David Jobes, PhD, ABPP, is the founder of CAMS-care, LLC. He began his career in 1987 in the Counseling Center of the Catholic University of America, where he developed a suicide risk assessment tool for college students that evolved into CAMS. Dr. Jobes is now a Professor of Psychology and Associate Director of Clinical Training at Catholic; he has trained thousands of mental health professionals in the United States and abroad in evidence-based assessment and treatment of suicide risk and the use of CAMS.