Suicide Prevention Techniques in State & Local Organizations

CAMS can be used across theoretical orientations and disciplines

CAMS can be used Across Treatment Settings and Different Treatment MOdalities

The flexible approach of the CAMS model makes it ideal for use in a range of treatment settings which has proven to be an effective approach for the state and local organizations that are endeavoring to improve suicide prevention in their communities.

In recent years CAMS has been systematically rolled-out as part of state-level suicide prevention efforts, for example in Oklahoma, Ohio, Vermont, Utah and soon in Colorado . We have trained thousands of providers across different systems of care and different mental health care disciplines. For example, in Oklahoma we have trained CAMS to outpatient providers, inpatient providers, and crisis clinicians who work in mental health respite stabilization centers—each adapting the model to the respective settings. In Vermont, providers are using CAMS in their mobile crisis response teams, schools, community mental health centers, and crisis stabilizations centers.

We work closely with  state and local suicide prevention foundations and organizations to develop CAMS trainings that acknowledge the challenges unique to the population being served by providers.

The product works wonderfully to help persons with thoughts of suicide to organize and focus to complete the forms. We are experiencing very good reception to CAMS within our service area, for example, school districts, tribal behavioral health agencies, local behavioral agencies and others in private practice. We have provided workshops since 2015 and hope to continue being a resource provider in Northern Arizona.”



Why is CAMS the best choice for suicide prevention?
CAMS stands for the “Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality” (CAMS). CAMS is first and foremost a clinical philosophy of care. It is a therapeutic framework for suicide-specific assessment and treatment of a patient’s suicidal risk. It is a flexible approach that can be used across theoretical orientations and disciplines for a wide range of suicidal patients across treatment settings and different treatment modalities.
Do you provide consultation on how to implement CAMS?
Yes, senior CAMS-care consultants can provide consultation and guidance on successful implementation of CAMS. Our team can provide guidance to state suicide prevention organizations to discuss rolling out CAMS as part of a state wide suicide prevention initiative.
We would like to introduce our communities to the benefits of CAMS prior to setting up trainings, could we arrange to have someone come and do a presentation?

Yes, CAMS-care does provide overview presentations of the model-which are not trainings of how to do CAMS. We have seen organizations benefit from such presentations which may increase interest in sending providers to suicide prevention organization sponsored CAMS trainings.

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