Becoming CAMS-4Teens® Trained

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In the face of rising suicide rates among adolescents and young adults, it’s crucial to possess the right skills and understanding to address this critical concern. The CAMS-4Teens Trained program is your pathway to mastering the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) Framework®, tailored specifically for the unique needs and situations of younger patients.

Being CAMS-Trained® is a prerequisite for becoming CAMS-4Teens Trained.

CAMS-4Teens Trained

Becoming CAMS-4Teens Trained takes just 7 hours of coursework. It involves completing these two elements:

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1. CAMS-4Teens & Parents Video Course

In this three-hour online video course, Dr. Jobes, the creator of CAMS, discusses the past and current research and a recommended approach for optimally involving parents and loved ones in the treatment of their child using the newly developed Stabilization Support Plan. Purchase 3 CE credits for an additional $36.

Learn About the Course


2. CAMS-4Teens Interactive Training

CAMS-4Teens Interactive Training builds on a clinician’s knowledge of CAMS and addresses best practices for using the CAMS Framework® and the Suicide Status Form with a teenage patient along with the complexities of working with parents and schools. Purchase 4 CE credits for an additional $39.

Learn About CAMS-4Teens™ Interactive Training


TOTAL: (7 Optional CE Credits)

The expertise gained from this program doesn’t merely arm you with knowledge; it instills confidence in clinicians to navigate challenging situations with adolescents. The essence of CAMS-4Teens is building trust, fostering understanding, and crafting a collaborative path forward.



  •  Specialized Approach: Addresses the unique challenges and dynamics of adolescents and young adults.
  •  Collaborative Focus: Encourages active participation of the teen, instilling a sense of ownership in their treatment journey.
  •  Parental Involvement: Strategically engages parents and caregivers, maximizing support and understanding in and out of treatment sessions.
  •  Evidence-Based: Built on the foundational principles of the proven CAMS Framework®, adapted for younger individuals.


Connect with a CAMS-care Consultant to create a custom training program for your organization’s unique needs. Reach out today.

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After you become CAMS TRAINED, we encourage you to include your contact information in the CAMS-care Clinician Locator. The Clinician Locator routes new clients to your practice, particularly those looking for competent clinicians, trained in evidence-based suicide-specific treatments. This tool will become even more critical as states continue to pass laws requiring mental health professionals to have this type of credential, and an increasing number of people seek out this level of expertise from their mental health providers.