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There are typically three phases of a Process Improvement effort: 1) assessment of current practices and procedures; 2) training in suicide-specific care (typically the use of CAMS); and 3) quality assurance and follow-up assessment. CAMS-care consultants have worked closely with a range of organizations to assist in determining best practices and implementation of training to meet the needs of clinicians and patients.

A useful example of a Process Improvement which was implemented in U.S. Army is described in detail in this article: Archuleta et al; 2014 Raising the Clinical Standard of Care for Suicidal Soldiers: An Army Process Improvement Initiative

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CAMS-care is designed to support providers who work with suicidal patients and does not provide direct clinical services. If you are located in the UK and need crisis assistance, contact your local NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Services as we are unable to assist you.

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